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SQUARE - TOGO Integration Guide
SQUARE - TOGO Integration Guide
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Square App - Update your Square App to the latest Version.

Square Menu - Ready your Square Menu to be set up like you would want the customer order from it ToGo. Specifically, modifiers that you want customers to be able to select need to be attached to items in Square. Hiding unwanted modifiers on ToGo can be done but adding any modifiers must be done on Square.

Images - If you want Images added to your ToGo menus first add them to the items in Square.

What is Integration?

Integration means that we pull your Square Menu into OrderCloud. When your customer orders from ToGo we push the customer order into your Square POS. Each item/modifier is sent from OrderCloud to the Square POS.

Can I manually add items to OrderCloud?

No – square uses a long alphanumeric PLU number that cannot be seen in your Square system/Dashboard. All items/modifiers have to be imported/synced into Order Cloud so the alphanumeric PLU can be input into OrderCloud


What if I do add an item or modifier to OrderCloud manually?

Any orders with those items will fail and a cancellation message will be sent to the Customer

How do I update my OrderCloud menu if I make adds/edits/remove on Square?

After the initial import if any changes are made on Square you will perform a Menu Synchronization on OrderCloud to pull new items, changes, etc from Square into OrderCloud.

Input Square Configuration Settings in OrderCloud

There is information you will need to retrieve from your Square account to copy/paste into the Order Cloud POS Integration. You will need to open a few tabs in your internet browser to copy/paste information.

  1. Select Manage Stores and open the Location

  2. Select the ADMIN tab

  3. Select the drop down arrow under POS Integration and choose Square. A window will display requesting information from your Square Account.

  4. Stop! Leave the window open, you will come back to this.

  5. Open an additional tab on your internet browser and login to your Square Dashboard

  6. Open an additional tab on your internet browser go to

  7. If you are not on the window below select the Developer Dashboard

On the tab

  1. Select the + to add an Application

  2. On the New Application screen type the name for the Application, this name will appear on your Square reports as a source. Suggestion, and Save

  3. Select the Open button the Application you just created

  4. Select the toggle button to change from Sandbox to Production

5. Click SHOW on the Personal Access Token

6. Click on the token (it is the long alpha/numeric listed in the box) it should highlight the entire token, right click and select Copy

7. Return to the browser tab where you logged into OrderCloud your browser.

8. You should be in the POS Configuration section, in the Square Access Token field

right click and select Paste the token you just copied from Square.

9. Return to the Square Developer Portal tab in your browser. Highlight the alpha/numeric under the Application ID, right click and Copy

10. Return to the OrderCloud Tab in your browser and click on the Application ID field under Square . Right click and Paste NOTE the Square Application ID is the third field in the window

11. Return to the Square Developer Portal tab in your browser. On the left side of your screen select the Location menu

12. Select the Location you are setting up, highlight the alpha/numeric field under Location ID, right click and Copy Location ID

13. Return to the OrderCloud tab right click and Paste on the Square Location Token field.

14. Select the drop down arrow on the Send Orders to the POS, select the timing for sending orders to Square.

You can now close your Square Dashboard and Square Developer Portal windows, they will no longer be needed for setup. You will continue to use the ToGo Order Cloud.

Importing Menus from SquarePOS to Order Cloud

  1. On OrderCloud select the Location Home tab

  2. Under the Menu section click the +Add button

  3. Name your menu and select Add Menu

  4. Select the menu you just added, choose the Import button

This will import your Square menu categories, items, modifiers, item descriptions, SKU, images. It will also import the PLU ID that Square uses to identify items and modifiers, do not change or delete these IDs.

After Importing the Square Menu

Changes that can be made manually after import

Menu Sections

Edit Names - Select the Section and in the middle section select Edit next to the section name, type over the name with the new name

Hide Section - Select the Section and in the middle section select Edit next to the section name, select the Hide Section button

Move Sections - click and drag sections in the order you want them to appear on the customer order entry page.

Menu Item Edits

Remove Items - Select the section containing the item, in the middle of the screen the items in the section are listed. To remove an item click the X next to the item. The item will remain in your item library but will not be visible to customers.

Edit Items - Select the section containing the item, in the middle of the screen the items in the section are listed. Open the item to edit.

Item Name - You can overwrite the item name for customer order entry screen. This will not be reverted back with a sync.

Max Allowed - Maximum order quantity for this item

Merchant Note - This is note that will only show in OrderCloud

Description - shows under the item on the order entry page

Active - Setting an item to Inactive will hide from customer and place in your Item Library, this item will not be seen in the Item Library unless you select to Show Inactive items - this button can be found at the bottom of your Item Library

86- Can set to 86 to not show for customer. Item’s 86 is only until the

following day

PLU - alpha/numeric number from Square do not edit or remove

SKU - if you have SKUs attached in your Square menu items they will appear here

At Checkout Prompt - you can set a suggestive item that will pop up when your customer selects Checkout on the order entry page. The customer can select to order or not.

Day Availability - You can select to turn off specific days for the Customer to be able to order (example: Wednesday Special)

Modifier Groups

Edit Name - Select the Modifier Group and type over the name. This is the name that appears on the customer order entry page.

Modifier Groups can only be removed. To Remove an entire modifier group open the group and select the Actions button at the top section of the screen. Select Hide All Options for this Group.

Modifier Options

Required - If required modifier in Square this needs to be required in OrderCloud

Edit Option Name - Select the pencil next to the option and type over the name. This is the name that appears on the customer order entry page

Modifier options can only be removed. To Remove a modifier option select the Actions button for the item and select Hide this Option for this Group

If you find you need to make additional changes on Square or in the future you make changes you will need to do a Menu Synchronization

What does a Menu Synchronization update on OrderCloud?

Adds New Items - new items will not be added to the section they are in Square. All new items will be added to a section named New Items from the POS. To move to the proper section. Select the section to add the new item. Select Show Items under the Item Library. Find the item (Ctrl F) to search. Click the arrow next to the item to move into the section you have open.

On existing items the following information will be updated during a sync:

Alt Name


Image URL

Multiple Sizes/PLUs



Modifier Group Assignment

Modifier Options - added or removed (On Square if you change the name of an modifier option it will not change the name on OrderCloud. It is best to DELETE the option in Square and not just overwrite the name.

Setting Alerts and/or Printing of Orders in Square

Turn on Alerts in Square
On your Square Point of Sale go to the Settings Menu and find Order Select Alerts and set how you want to receive alerts

Print to your Square Printers (only do this on one of your Square devices if you have all of your Square devices sending to the same Printers/FreshKDS. Otherwise you will get duplicates).
1. On your Square Point of Sale go to the Settings Menu, Hardware, Printers
2. Select the Printer Station, select the Printer/FreshKDS the station is connected to and turn Online Orders to ON.

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