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How do the Hour Settings work?
How do the Hour Settings work?

Hour Settings

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Hours settings represent the Days/Hours that a Customer can select to pickup their order.

In the example below, on Monday a Customer will be able to select a pickup time between 11:30am and 8:00pm.

The Order Entry Screen will only appear to the Customer during these hours if you do not have Future Day Ordering available. If a customer tries to access the Order Entry Screen outside of these hours they will receive the following message.

We're sorry. Online ordering is currently not available.

If Future Day Ordering is available the OrderSite will be accessible at ALL times. However the Customer will only be able to select a pickup time that is during the day/hours that you have active on the Hours tab.

Multiple Menus can have different hours

As an example, you might have a Lunch Menu and a Dinner Menu with different items/pricing. Perhaps, you offer a Delivery menu but only during certain times.

Setup multiple menu hours

  1. Under the Hours tab on the Location

  2. In the Hours section select +Add

  3. Choose the Day of Week

  4. Set the Hours the customer will select as a pickup/delivery time using the slider bar.

  5. Check the Menu box to assign the Hours to the menu

  6. Select Save Changes

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