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How does "Order From the Table" work?
How does "Order From the Table" work?

Order Type - Order From The Table

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Order From the Table was created so customers can place and pay for orders on their phone while dining in. Order From the Table will prompt the customer to enter a table number and will not have them select a pickup time. If Order Cloud is integrated to your POS the Order will be sent immediately once the customer places the order.

For only Dine In customers to see the Order From the Table Order Type you can have the URL as Unlisted and give the URL to the customer. You also have the ability to use QR Code for the customer to scan at the table. QR codes can also include the specific Table number so the customer does not need to enter the table number.

To make Order From the Table unlisted. Login to Order Cloud, select the Location, select the Order Type, Order From the Table and at the bottom of the screen select the Unlisted button to make Unlisted. The URL next to this is the URL you will use for your customers to access Order From the Table.

ToGo does not provide a QR Code generator but those can easily be found searching on the internet.

QR Code Format example

In the example above 9999 is the Location Id (you will need to use your locations ID and 1 is the table number.

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