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Future Day Ordering
Future Day Ordering

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Future Day ordering is a function that can be turned on to allow your customers to place an order for a day in the future. This function can be used for short periods of time if you want customers to order ahead for a Holiday offering that you want the customer to order ahead for pickup on a specific date(s).

Future Day ordering can be turned on under the Order Type.

  1. Login to OrderCloud, select Manage Stores, select the Location.

  2. Under the Location Home tab, Order Type, select the Order Type to turn on Future Day Ordering

  3. Select Future Day Ordering to activate. (button will appear orange when activated.)

You can limit the amount of days to place a Future Day Order for each menu by selecting the Hours Tab, in the Hours Menu Activation section enter the amount of Days in Advance allowed. Select Save Changes. Leaving this blank will not limit how far in advance the customer can order.

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