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How do I setup a Prep or Wait Time
How do I setup a Prep or Wait Time

Setup Prep Time, Setup Wait Time

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Prep Time or referred to also as Wait Time is the amount of time that your restaurant needs to prepare an order for a customer. This is a setting under each Order Type and can be different based on the Order Type you are using.

For Example: Take Out orders may not take as long as a Delivery Order. If you need 15 minutes to prepare an order for the Take Out Order Type, you would set the Wait Time in the Take Out Order Type to 15 minutes. This will make the first choice of times for the customer to select for Take Out at least 15 minutes from the time the are placing their order.

Setup Prep/Wait Time

Login to OrderCloud select the Order Type to use If you don't know which you want to use, select Order Types link for a list to review.

On the Order Type enter the Standard Wait Time in Minutes and select Save

Optional: For large orders you can choose a different wait time can be set by typing an amount in Large Order Threshold (dollars) and set a wait time for those larger orders in the Large Order Wait Time in Minutes that will apply to orders that the subtotal amount the exceeds the amount set in the Large Order Threshold. Select Save

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