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What are the Daily and Weekly Reports
What are the Daily and Weekly Reports

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ToGo generates a daily report and/or weekly report to email to recipients listed the the Accounting section of Order Cloud under Admin tab for Merchant or Location.

Daily Report

The daily report email gives a summary of credit card charges for Orders charged on the specific business day of the report. This email includes any charges from close of business the previous day to close of business current day, as set in your Hours tab.

NOTE: The numbers that show in the content of the email text are the amounts that were charged to the customers credit card that business day, if any refunds occurred or orders cancelled these amounts are not reflected. This is sent as a flash snapshot of the credit cards processed.

Weekly Report

The weekly report gives a summary of credit cards that have been charged, refunded, or cancelled from 5am Monday morning until the following Monday morning at 5am.

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