ToGo offers a printer to purchase for the use of printing the ToGo Orders exclusively. This printer will need a wired connection to have internet access for ToGo to communicate. The ToGo Printer has a few features that can be set for the printer and also options under the Order Types which can be adjusted by Order Type.

Features that can be enabled:

Print Orders - Prints ALL orders

Print Customer Arrival - Used with sending the customer the I'm Here link, want to know more, click this link Print Customer Arrival

Print Alt Name - Prints the name that is in the ALT Name section of items and modifiers

Print Large Font - It is bigger

Request Printer

Printers can be ordered from ToGo during onboarding of your locations or later by sending a request to This is a wired ethernet printer and will need to have access to the internet to receive orders.

ToGo Technologies does not run network cables, you don't want a bunch of software geeks doing that.

Receiving Printer - Setup

We do all the work for you. We configure the printer and ship to your location.

  1. All you need is to open the box, plug in the power and into network.

  2. Turn the printer on

  3. After the printer boots up it will print a small chit that shows if it was successful in connecting to your network.

  4. Login to OrderCloud

  5. Select Manage Stores

  6. Select your Location

  7. Under the Location Home tab tap on the Printer Name

  8. Turn Print Orders ON

  9. Select Save Printer

Orders will be sent to the printer based on the Wait Time set up for each Order Type. You can change to Send to ToGo Printer Immediately in each of your Order Types if you would rather receive orders when they are placed.

Setup - Send to ToGo Printer Immediately

  1. Login to OrderCloud

  2. Select Manage Stores

  3. Select the Location

  4. Under Order Types select the Order Type

  5. Select Send ToGo Printer Immediately

  6. Select Save Order Type Rule

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