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Where do I change the pre-auth amount?
Where do I change the pre-auth amount?

% percent over pre-auth

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For the POS Integrations that calculate the final cost on the POS there is the ability to set a % above the total that is calculated on OrderCloud so the pre-authorization will be more. This is done in case the POS has a different item amount or tax rounding amount. If a final cost is more then the pre-auth amount the order will not integrate.

NOTE: Because some credit card issuing banks keep pre-authorizations on hold and if the final amount of the completed charge is different the customer may see two separate amounts on their account. The pre-authorization will be removed from the customers account, the timing is based on the issuing bank though.

To edit the Pre-authorization %

  1. Login to OrderCloud

  2. Select the Location

  3. Select the Admin tab

  4. Under the POS Integration section select Edit

  5. There you can edit the pre-authorization %

  6. Select Save POS Integration Settings

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