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What is the KDS Integration section for on the Admin tab?
What is the KDS Integration section for on the Admin tab?

KDS Integration section

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Fresh Technology Inc has an App called Fresh KDS that can be utilized with ToGo Technologies. FreshKDS is a kitchen display system that can receive your ToGo Orders and display the ToGo orders for your restaurant. FreshKDS also integrates with several POS systems and can be configured to display orders made from your POS terminals within the location.

FreshKDS has many features including a Take Out View that shows the orders and the detailed information for the orders. FreshKDS has an I'm Here feature that when activated will send an I'm Here link in the customers confirmation email. Once the customer arrives and the I'm Here link is selected, FreshKDS will display a flashing vehicle icon on the order alerting your staff the customer has arrived.

FreshKDS has additional functionality of texting your customers to alert them that their order is ready and embed the I'm Here link in the text. To see all the features for FreshKDS visit the website

FreshKDS has a monthly subscription charge and additional charges for text messaging apply.

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