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Menu Item Information - field descriptions
Menu Item Information - field descriptions

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Below is a view of the Menu Item screen and a description of each field.

  1. Item Name - displays on customer order entry page

  2. Alt Name - name displayed in some POS, FreshKDS, ToGo Printer

  3. Merchant Note - internal note only

  4. Description - displays under the item name on the customer order entry page

  5. Image URL - linked to an image that displays with the item on the customer order entry page. How to add image

  6. Nutritional Information - this text will appear below the description in italics

  7. One Size / Multiple Sizes - If one size is chosen the item appears with the price on the customer order entry page. If Multiple Sizes are chosen (not all POS integrations support this) the item will appear with a price+ showing there are multiple choices

  8. Active - when the button is highlighted orange the item shows, when selected and the button is greyed out the item is inactive and will not show, once selected as inactive and saved it will be removed from the section. Inactive items and will not show in the Item Library unless the option to show Inactive Items is taken at the very bottom of the Item Library.

  9. 86'd - When chosen the item will no longer appear for the customer to order. 86'd items will automatically be made active again at the next day open of business.

  10. Price (in this example shows 8.25)- shown on the customer order entry page next to item. This is the price used in calculating the order on the order entry page.

  11. SKU (in this example shows 801) - For POS integrated locations this is the identifying number/name that is used to communicate between ToGo and the POS System

  12. PLU - this number is optional and can be used by the merchant for information purposes

  13. Can Be Alone - For merchants that serve alcohol but are restricted to only when accompanied by food items can unselect this on the alcohol items for the system to prompt the customer that they must order a food item. This is set to Can Be Alone by default on all items.

  14. Min Quantity - if the guest must order more then a quantity of 1 this needs to be set to the amount that must be ordered

  15. Max Quantity - if left blank the customer can order the item in multiples.

  16. At Checkout Prompt - Select this to prompt the customer with "Might we recommend... Setup item to prompt at checkout

  17. Daily Availability - To only have the item able to order on specific days unselect the days for the item to not be orderable

  18. Tags - set up tags on items so you can 86 items using tags. Setup Tags

  19. Included Modifier Groups - modifier groups currently assigned to the item

  20. Modifier Group Library - modifier groups available to assign to items. Note: for POS integrated stores only modifier groups assigned to the item on the POS should be used.

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