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Can I use the COPY MENU feature?
Can I use the COPY MENU feature?

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The Copy Menu can be used within a location to make a copy of an existing menu. Never copy a menu from one Location to another without contacting to discuss.

Copying menus can be used to have menu pricing vary based on times, to control when items are available at specific times and other reasons.

For example if you have a menu and want to have a lunch menu with the same items but different pricing, or items that are only available at lunch.

When copying menus you can do the following changes without affecting the original menu that you copied from:

Remove items from sections

Hide sections

All other edits will affect both menus.

Steps to Copy a Menu

  1. Login to OrderCloud

  2. Select Manage Stores

  3. Select the Location

  4. Under the Menu Section select +Add

  5. Type the Name of your new menu (when more then one menu is made available under the same order type the system will not display your menu names to the customer. Make sure the names are set to a name for the customer to see.

  6. Select Add Menu

  7. Select the menu you just added to edit

  8. Under the Menu Sections field select [Menu to copy}

  9. Choose the name of the menu to copy the information from. NOTE: If you have more then one location all menus for all locations will be shown. Make sure you choose the correct menu from the correct (location)

  10. Click Import

  11. Once you make the edits that are needed to the menu

  12. Select the Menu Settings tab and assign the menu to Order Type(s)

  13. The final step to activating your menu is to assign hours.

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