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Editing/Adding Items and modifiers from your POS
Editing/Adding Items and modifiers from your POS

Add items, menu sync, automatic sync

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When items are added to your POS you must run a Synchronize Menu. To run a POS Synchronization for the Menu

Login to OrderCloud

  1. Select Manage Stores

  2. Select the Location

  3. Select the Menu

  4. Select the Menu Settings tab

  5. Push the Synchronize button (recommended to only run during your store closed time)

  6. Once the Sync is complete check the Menu Section New Items from my POS to see if the items have been updated.

  7. Select the section to add the items to

  8. Select Show Library under the Item Library

  9. Find the item and select the arrow to move the item into the section.

If you add items on a regular basis you can set up an Auto-Synchronize to run daily.

  1. Select the Auto-Synchronize button

  2. Set the time to run the Sync. Do not set for hours that you are open, set at least two hours before your store opens

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