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How do I remove Menu Items from my Menu?
How do I remove Menu Items from my Menu?

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Written by Jim Spadafore
Updated over a week ago

Menu Items are never deleted in OrderCloud. If you no longer want to display certain Menu Items, here are some options.

Remove the Menu Item from being visible/orderable by the online Customer

Set the Menu Item to Inactive

Hide Menu Sections

To Remove a Menu Item from being visible/orderable online

  1. Log into OrderCloud

  2. Select Manage Stores

  3. Select your Location

  4. Select your Menu

  5. Find the Item you want to remove and click the orange x to the right of the Menu Item. The item has not been deleted but has been removed from view.

To Set a Menu Item to Inactive

  1. Select the Menu Item you want to make Inactive

  2. De-select the Active button and turn the button from Orange to Gray.

  3. Inactive Items are still in the Item Library but since they are Inactive, they won't show up.

To Hide Menu Sections

If you want to hide an entire Menu Section and all of it's Menu Items at one time, learn more about Hiding Menu Sections

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