To allow customers to pre-order from menu and only allow pickup on certain dates see instructions below

Once your menu is ready make sure you have assigned Order Type(s) to your menu.

On OrderCloud select your menu

Select the Menu Settings tab and select the Order Type(s) to assign to the menu.

  1. Select the Hours tab on the Location

  2. Under the Menu Activation section set the dates that the customers will be able to choose to pickup the order in Start Date and set the End Date to the day AFTER the last pickup date.

  3. Select Save Changes

In this example the customers can only select between 7/2/2021 & 7/3/2021 as the pickup date.

The dates of 7/2 & 7/3 are Friday and Saturday. Under the Hours section the menu will need to be checked for that day of week.

If you want the time to be picked up to be a specific window of time. Add a new day and hours set just for the pre-order menu

In the example below showing Saturday the pickup times for this specific menu are set to 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Select Save Changes

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