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What is Synchronization?
What is Synchronization?

Sync, update POS to menu

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Synchronization is used for Merchants who have their POS integrated with ToGo. The Synchronization process pulls information from the POS and updates most of the fields within an Item's setup in ToGo.

Information that does get synchronized:

  1. New items are added to the item library.

  2. Items deleted in the POS are removed from menu sections.

  3. Alt name is updated.

  4. Item prices.

  5. Modifier groups and pricing.

  6. Description and photos (Square and rpower only).

Synchronization DOES NOT:

  1. Automatically reflect items being moved within the POS.

  2. Automatically add new items to Menu Sections in ToGo.

Important Note for POSitouch integrations:

Because of the way PLU numbers are generated in POSitouch, moving an item to a new screen and/or button in POSitouch causes a new item to be created in Order Cloud. If you move items in your POSitouch setup and synchronize your menu, you will need to add the 'new' items back to your online menu. Knowing the screen number and cell number of the items will make this process much easier.

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