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POSitouch - Promo/Discount Code
POSitouch - Promo/Discount Code

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General Instructions: POSi promos must be configured as a cell type 12 OPEN discount in POSi. (Dollar-off discounts are configured as an Open Dollar discount and Percentage-off discounts are configured as an Open Percent discount in POSi). If a Max Amount is defined in OrderCloud, the discount must also be configured with the Max Amount in POSi. Minimum Amounts, however, do not need to be configured in POSi.

Setup for a Percentage-off Discount In POSi

Setup for a Dollar-off Discount In POSi

Additional POSi Setup Information

When defining the discount in POSi, there must be a 'MUST SELECT' general multiplier modifier linked to the discount so POSi will accept the value ToGo sends.

Setup for POSi Discounts in OrderCloud

Step 1: Click “Engagement”

Step 2: Click “+ Add” on “Active Promotions”

Step 3: Fill in Promo Details

Revised 02/24/2023

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