There are multiple ways to remove an item from your Menu Section, but how do you know when to use which action?

Here's our Best Practice Recommendations on when to use the appropriate action.

Remove an Item (using the X)

Use this when you need to remove the Menu Item for longer than a day.

Example: Your Vendor can't supply your menu item until next week.

This should be used as a short term action.

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86'ing an Item

Use the 86 option when you are temporarily out of a prepared menu item for a single day.

Example: You've run out of your daily soup or dessert and won't make more until tomorrow.

When you 86 a Menu Item, then Item will reappear overnight (2AM CST) because the system assumes that your kitchen will prepare a new batch of items for the next day.

This should be used as a temporary action.

Learn more about 86'ing Items

Make the Item Inactive

Use the Inactive button on a Menu Item when you no longer sell or carry the item.

This should be used as a long term action.

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