You only need to set up one way to send ToGo Orders to FreshKDS. There are two different ways to have FreshKDS receive the ToGo orders. Below are listed the differences in how to send ToGo orders to FreshKDS.

Sending Orders from Square to FreshKDS

You can send orders directly from Square to FreshKDS. The online orders will appear with the header for Online Orders that Square uses for online orders. Currently they show as Shipping.

To set up sending to FreshKDS from Square

Print to your FreshKDS for ToGo Orders (only do this on one of your Square devices if you have all of your Square devices sending to the same Printers/FreshKDS. Otherwise you will get duplicates).
1. On your Square Point of Sale go to the Settings Menu, Hardware, Printers
2. Select the Printer Station, select the Printer/FreshKDS the station is connected to and turn Online Orders to ON.


To Send Orders directly from OrderCloud to FreshKDS

Sending Orders from OrderCloud directly to FreshKDS will allow you to have the Headers of the orders on FreshKDS show the OrderType that you are using in OrderCloud.

To setup the FreshKDS integration to OrderCloud follow these instructions.


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