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FreshKDS Integration with TOGO
FreshKDS Integration with TOGO

Fresh KDS, setup KDS

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Setup FreshKDS integration with ToGo

Make sure that your FreshKDS App is updated to the latest version.

  1. Login to your FreshKDS account

  2. Open a second tab in your browser, and sign into your ToGo OrderCloud account

  3. Select Manage Stores

  4. Select the Admin tab on the Merchant page

  5. Back on your FreshKDS/Fresh Tools account select Settings in the upper right

  6. Select Admin Settings

  7. On the left side of your screen click on Settings

  8. Select Integration Tokens

Create & Copy Integration Token

  1. Select + Create Token

  2. Name the Token ToGo

  3. Select the + Create Token button

  4. Highlight the token (long alpha/numeric string) and right click to copy

On Order Cloud

  1. Under the KDS Profiles section select +Add

  2. Select Processor Type - FreshKDS Cloud

  3. Name FreshKDS Cloud

  4. Paste the Token you copied from FreshKDS/FreshTools

  5. Select Add KDS Profile

Add to Location

  1. On OrderCloud select the Merchant Home tab

  2. Select the Location

  3. Select the Admin tab

  4. In the KDS Integration section select the drop down arrow

  5. Select Fresh KDS Cloud

  6. Select the Edit button next to Other Settings

  7. KDS Integration Settings

Send Orders to the KDS - Immediately (when customer places order), At Prep Time (wait time on Order Type)

Notify when Customer Arrives - This is the I'm Here feature. You can see information more about this feature - What is the I'm Here Feature. You can set this at a later time if wanted.

Confirm Order on Successful Integration - If this is activated you will get backup notifications if the order is not received at FreshKDS

Merchant KDS Profile - Select FreshKDS Cloud

Send Cost Information - Turn on only if you want to see the order Costs on FreshKDS

Fresh KDS Cloud Locations - Select your Location

Select All Devices - If you have more then one FreshKDS you can decide which FreshKDS to send to or send to ALL

Order Types sent to Fresh KDS Cloud - select the Order Types to send to FreshKDS

8. Select Save KDS Integration Settings

Your orders will now be sent directly to your FreshKDS from ToGo.


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