Square Gift cards are not currently setup to use with Square Integrated systems.

Square Loyalty is configured in much the same way the normal Square integration is set up.

Input Square Configuration Settings in OrderCloud

There is information you will need to retrieve from your Square account to copy/paste into the Order Cloud Loyalty Integration. You will need to open a few tabs in your internet browser to copy/paste information.

  1. Select Manage Stores and open the Location

  2. Select the ADMIN tab

  3. Select the drop down arrow under Loyalty Integration and choose Square. A window will display requesting information from your Square Account.

  4. Stop! Leave the window open, you will come back to this.

  5. Open an additional tab on your internet browser and login to your Square Dashboard

  6. Open an additional tab on your internet browser go to http://developer.squareup.com/apps

  7. If you are not on the window below select the Developer Dashboard

On the developer.squareup.com tab

  1. Select the + to add an Application

  2. On the New Application screen type the name for the Application, this name will appear on your Square reports as a source. Suggestion, ToGoOrder.com and Save

  3. Select the Open button the Application you just created

  4. Select the toggle button to change from Sandbox to Production

5. Click SHOW on the Personal Access Token

6. Click on the token (it is the long alpha/numeric listed in the box) it should highlight the entire token, right click and select Copy

7. Return to the browser tab where you logged into OrderCloud https://togotechnologies.com/ your browser.

8. You should be in the POS Configuration section, in the Square Access Token field

right click and select Paste the token you just copied from Square.

9. Return to the Square Developer Portal tab in your browser. Highlight the alpha/numeric under the Application ID, right click and Copy

10. Return to the OrderCloud Tab in your browser and click on the Application ID field under Square . Right click and Paste NOTE the Square Application ID is the third field in the window

11. Return to the Square Developer Portal tab in your browser. On the left side of your screen select the Location menu

12. Select the Location you are setting up, highlight the alpha/numeric field under Location ID, right click and Copy Location ID

13. Return to the OrderCloud tab right click and Paste on the Square Location Token field.

14. Enter the Required Dollar Spend Per Point.

You can now close your Square Dashboard and Square Developer Portal windows, they will no longer be needed for setup.


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