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Setting up DoorDash Drive with Dinerware
Setting up DoorDash Drive with Dinerware

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Written by Jim Spadafore
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Setting DoorDash Drive up in Dinerware:

Set up the following items in the Dinerware Workstation. See Dinerware Integration Guide for more information.


1. Set up a Revenue Class called “doordash”

  1. Go to: Manager> Menu> Revenue Class > New

  2. Check “Items in this class are non-sales revenue for accounting purposes

  3. Make sure that multiple tax rates are not assigned.

(If leaving this tax at none, there will be no taxes applied to the items in this class)

2. Create an Item called "DoorDash Delivery Fee". There should be no price on this item

  1. Go to: Menu > Menu Items > New

  2. Assign it to the DoorDash Revenue Class

  3. Assign it to the ToGoTech Item Group

  4. Assign it to any Screen Category

  5. Assign it to ALL Printers

  6. Check “Enter item price when ordered

Repeat this process for “DoorDash Service Fee” and “DoorDash Delivery Tip”

3. Create a Tax Name/Description called “No Tax”

  1. Go to: Advanced > Taxes > New

  2. Tax amount should be 0

  3. Assign the DoorDash items to the new tax and or the DoorDash Revenue Class

Setting up OrderCloud:

After the DoorDash entries have been set up in Dinerware, log in to OrderCloud, select Manage Stores and navigate to the Location(s) that you want to set up with DoorDash Drive.

Note: Ensure that your timestamp has the most up-to-date time, indicating that OrderCloud has received your newest DDD items. If not, you may need to sync your Menu.

Go to Location Home > Select the Location Name > Select the Admin tab

Synchronize your Menu:

Pull in the new DDD items by selecting your Main Menu, select the Menu Settings tab, and select Synchronize.

Items will appear in the “New Items from Your POS” section. They DO NOT need to be made visible to customers.

Open each item up and note the PLU associated with each item. You will need this information in the next step.

Set up an Order Type:

A. Go to Location Home, Order types and Add a new Order Type.

B. Choose Delivery and then Door Dash as the Delivery Service Provider.

C. The External Business Name is the Restaurant Name you used when you signed up with DoorDash Drive.

D. The POS ID is where you will enter the PLU’s you wrote down in the previous step.

E. Make sure to place the Service fee, Delivery fee and Tip PLUs in the corresponding boxes. This is also where you will indicate what the fees will be.

Note: Don’t forget to assign the Delivery Order Type in the menu settings tab.

Learn more about DoorDash Drive


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