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Using DoorDashDrive and ToGo - FAQs
Using DoorDashDrive and ToGo - FAQs

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Can I sell alcohol with ToGo/DoorDash Drive?

ToGo does not allow selling alcohol through ToGo/DoorDash Drive.

ToGo does not inform delivery partners of the order contents; therefore, delivery partners cannot be alerted to check IDs for age verification.

How far is my restaurant’s DoorDash Drive delivery radius?

3-5 miles. This is based on geographical location (city vs. suburbs)

DoorDash will separately communicate to each Merchant the maximum delivery radius applicable to the Merchant. Roads, tunnels, and bridges with tolls are excluded from a delivery zone, unless otherwise agreed upon by the Parties.

How are wait times calculated?

Wait times are calculated by using the wait time set by the Merchant in ToGo in addition to variables unique to DoorDash Drive operations, such as the availability of drivers in the area, customer’s distance from the restaurant, traffic, and time of day, to name a few.

How do I contact my delivery driver?

In your ToGo account, select the Orders Tab and locate the specific delivery order. Look for DoorDash # Number indicated by the abbreviation “Ph” for phone.

How can a customer cancel their DoorDash order?

Customers are directed to call the restaurant should they need to cancel their order before a Dasher is assigned to their delivery.

Are customers given their assigned Dasher’s number in case they need to contact them?

Yes. Customers will receive text notifications with a link to their driver’s contact information.

Is the customer able to track their delivery?

They sure can. Once their order has been assigned to a specific Dasher, the customer is texted the approximate delivery time as well as a link to track the status of their order.

My Dasher did not meet my restaurant’s expectations. What should I do?

Email and DoorDash’s support team will block that driver from coming back to your store in future.

I remade an order because a Dasher was late. How can I seek reimbursement?

You can email DoorDash support at

How long should I wait before contacting DoorDash if a driver is late?

If the Dasher is more than 15 minutes late, contact DoorDash support at (855)-599-7066

Can I offer Catering Deliveries through DoorDash Drive?

Yes, but DoorDash does place a cap on allowed maximum order amounts. Contact DoorDash for specifics in your area:

Can I use other Delivery Services on my ToGo Platform while using DoorDashDrive?

At this time, we can only configure one "Delivery" Order Type in ToGo.

If you need to offer an "In House Delivery service" we could potential configure the "Catering for Delivery" Order Type if it's not already in use in OrderCloud.

However, you can still partner with other non-integrated 3rd party delivery services via public delivery marketplace.

What are the associated fees for DoorDash Drive orders?

DoorDash charges the Merchant a flat fee of $7 per delivery order and prompts the customer for 15% tip by default. All tips generated on the delivery go directly to the Dasher.

ToGo does not charge the Merchant any fees for DoorDash Drive orders.

When will I be invoiced for my DoorDash Drive delivery fees?

Invoices are sent at the end of each month with a breakdown of deliveries, commissions, and tips.

Here's a Sample Invoice from Door Dash

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