Item Setup:

Delivery Fee, Service Fee and Dasher Tip will be configured as OPEN ITEMS. It is important that the items are placed on the screen in a permanent position. Take note of the screen, cell and inventory numbers, as these will be necessary for setup in OrderCloud.

Example: Dasher Tip




Inventory Number (see screenshot below):




The price is set at $1 in the POS due to the general multiplier modifier which must be attached.

Must Select:

General Multiplier:

The amount is the general multiplier. This is why the price is set to $1 for each item, despite the price being different in OrderCloud.

The actual price of the fees and tip that you desire to collect is set in OrderCloud.

Cell Type:

This item needs setup to be a non-taxed item. In the example below, you will note that the cell type is “Main item taxable” AND none of the taxes 1-4 are checked.

Alternatively, you can make the cell type “Main item non-taxable”.

Major/Minor Categories

Prep Categories:

Repeat the above setup for the Dasher Delivery Fee and the Service Fee.

If you don’t want any of this included in Sales:

Please contact your PosiTouch dealer for further assistance.

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