At ToGo, we use Google Cloud Storage to house our menu data, including merchant images. There’s an annual fee associated if you have your own Google Cloud Storage; however, here’s a workaround for using Google Drive (hooray!).

Here's what we recommend for image sizing and details:

Images should be square and sized at 300 x 300 or 500 x 500 and not larger than 500kb

When you upload a photo to your Drive account, you first need to make your image public (selecting the "anyone on the internet with this link can view" option)

Step 1: Click the Image

Step 2: Click the three dots in the right corner and select share.

Step 3: Select: "Anyone on the internet with this link can view"

From there you'll take the your image's ID within each image link and tack it to the end of this URL:

An example would look like this:

What is in bold and underlined is your image's unique ID.

Add that ID at the end of this URL format: Your ID HERE:

You can add this final URL into OrderCloud, and your images will be visible to customers.

In OrderCloud, click on the Menu Item that you want to add an Image to and enter the “Final URL” in the box labeled “Image URL”

Learn more about Menu Images


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