Before following the steps below and signing up for DoorDash Drive, please check that our DoorDash Drive integration is compatible with your Point of Sale.

Here are the Basics on how DoorDashDrive works:

DoorDash Drive is a separate integration service that will integrate with ToGo. If you have already signed up with DoorDash previously, DoorDash Drive is a new service that you’ll need to sign up for.


DoorDash Drive (DDD) allows for a Merchant’s online customers to place delivery orders through the ToGo Ordering Platform and the delivery will be serviced by DDD. This means a merchant does not have to invest in their own delivery drivers and can utilize DoorDash as a flat per-delivery rate service.

  • The online customer places their order just as they would any other order in the ToGo system and, if DDD delivers to their address, the order is picked up by a Dasher and delivered to the customer.

  • The DDD flat per-delivery rate to the restaurant is $7 per order.

  • Any tips given on a ToGo Order delivered by DDD will be given directly to the DDD delivery driver, not the Merchant and their staff.

    • The tip is set as a 15% default which is recommended by DDD. Their drivers are incentivized based on this amount so keeping it higher increases the likelihood of DDD drivers wanting to accept these orders.

  • Delivery Zones for this service are controlled by DDD. The Merchant is unable to adjust these zones. This is because DDD retains the control of the Delivery Zones to which they will deliver based on the customer’s location at the time they are ordering, not statically based on where the Merchant is located.

DoorDash Drive Billing

  • It is important to consider how you want to be billed for this service before you sign up. If you have multiple locations, will your corporate office be handling the billing for all locations? Or will each location receive a separate bill from DoorDashDrive?

    • If billing will be consolidated to the corporate office, it is only necessary to sign up once with DoorDash Drive and use that information in all of your stores.

    • If each location will be responsible for their own billing, or you only have a single location, then each location will need to sign up separately, with a unique restaurant name. We strongly recommend using the name of the store and location (Ex: Bar-B-Cutie Smokehouse - Donelson).

  • DoorDash Drive will invoice the corporation or individual locations on a monthly basis for deliveries and tips made in that month.

Think you’re ready? Sign Up Now for DoorDash Drive!

Access to the contract signing UI will be provided via a “deeplink” url. ToGo's unique URL is below:

  1. Write down the Restaurant Name from your DoorDash Drive form into the External Business Name under the OrderType for Delivery in OrderCloud.

NOTE: It is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT that the name the Merchant uses to fill out the DoorDash Drive form as the “Restaurant Name”, matches EXACTLY what the External Business Name is in ToGo OrderCloud - Down to capitals, dashes, etc.

Note: After sign-up, the Merchant will not receive any communication from DDD until they receive their first DDD order through the ToGo Online Ordering system.

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