Fresh Payments (previously known as ToGo Aggregated Settlement) is a payment processing service provided by ToGo Technologies who will accept online credit card payments through your Online Ordering Platform on your behalf.

This service is particularly useful for Merchants who do not have Direct Settlement options or a 3rd party vendor available for online credit card processing.

With Fresh Payments/ToGo Aggregated Settlement:

  • There is a 3.7% service fee applied to each online order transaction.

  • Monies are collected from the Guest by ToGo Technologies and then monies are batched back to the Merchant.

  • Transaction settlements will show up as deposits in the banking account(s) we have on file.

  • Bank settlement usually takes about 2 business days given the transaction schedule between banks. (see Schedule below)

  • Batch settlements can be tracked in the “Reports” section of OrderCloud > Batch Reports (this Report is only available for Fresh Payment transactions).

ToGo will use this Batch Deposit Schedule as a guide for expected batch timelines, with the exception of Federal/Bank Holidays.

  • Monday's Deposit will be funds from the previous Wednesday's Sales.

  • Tuesday's Deposit will be funds from the previous Thursday's Sales.

  • Wednesday's Deposit will be funds from the previous Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's Sales.

  • Thursday's Deposit will be funds from the previous Monday's Sales.

  • Friday's Deposit will be funds from the previous Tuesday's Sales.

If you'd like to use Fresh Payments, there is nothing you need to do. As long as your Direct Settlement entry is blank on the Location Admin tab of your OrderCloud platform, then this feature is automatically built in for use immediately.

Click HERE to learn more about using Direct Settlement.


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