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Getting Setup for Fresh KDS Cloud & ToGo Integration
Getting Setup for Fresh KDS Cloud & ToGo Integration

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Written by Jim Spadafore
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If you already have a Fresh KDS account, sign into your Fresh KDS/Fresh Tools account and skip to Step 4

If you haven’t registered for a FreshKDS Account yet, let’s do that step first.

To Sign Up & Register for a Fresh KDS/Fresh Tools account go to and click Free Trial in the top right corner.

Step 1: Select your POS and create your Brand Information and click NEXT.

You will receive a Verification Link in an email from

Make sure to check your SPAM folder if you don’t receive this email.

Follow the instructions and create your KDS subscription.

You only need a Basic Subscription to set up ToGo and utilize the I’m Here Feature.

To view other capabilities of Fresh KDS has to offer review this link

Some Merchants also choose to invite staff from ToGo to their Account in order to help configure OrderCloud. If you’d like to invite someone, click on Settings in the upper right corner, then select Admin Settings, find the tile called Users, and select Manage Users.

Then you can INVITE users in the top right corner. You will need their email address.

Step 2: Download the Fresh KDS App on your tablet from the Apple or Google Play Store. Login with the account you just created, follow the prompts and give the tablet screen a name (i.e. Restaurant Name + Location ex: American Grille - Nashville) and choose ToGoTechnologies as your POS Type unless you are also using Fresh KDS with your POS then choose the applicable type.

Turning “Take Out View” On in the KDS App

The “Take-Out” Management Screen can be turned on during the onboarding process in the app in the Custom Settings flow, from the KDS settings within the tablet, or in Tools on desktop.

In KDS App Settings:

  • From KDS home screen, click on Settings & More in the left menu

  • Click Display Modes

  • Scroll to the bottom and turn on Takeout Management Screen

    • NOTE: You can make Take Out View your default screen if desired. This is recommended for using with ToGo.

  • Select the type of orders you would like to see on the screen and the default status of the orders (New vs In Progress)

  • Go back to the home screen to see the changes.

Step 3: Open a second tab in your web browser and sign into your ToGo OrderCloud account

Select the Admin Tab on the Merchant Page in OrderCloud.

Step 4: In your Fresh KDS/Fresh Tools account on the web

• Select Settings from the Menu Bar in the upper right.

• Select Admin Settings

• Find the Tile called Integration Tokens

• Select Manage Integration Tokens button

• Select the Create Token button

• Type in a Token Description. Example: TOGO Integration or Restaurant Name/Location

• Select the Create Token button

• Highlight the Token Key created, right click and Copy the Integration token.

Linking Fresh KDS Integration Token to the ToGo Platform

• Open the tab where you have logged into ToGo Order Cloud

• Select the Merchant Admin Tab

• Select +Add on the KDS Profiles section on the left.

• Select Fresh KDS Cloud as the Processor Type in the dropdown box.

• Select Add KDS Profile button

In the Pop up box:

• Enter a Name in the name field (Example: KDS Cloud Integration)

• Click in the Token field and then right click and paste the Integration Token you copied from Fresh Tools.

• Select Add KDS Profile

Next step is to Add the KDS Profile to individual location(s)

• Select the Merchant Home Tab in Order Cloud and select a Location

• Select the Admin tab

• Locate the KDS Integration section and select the drop down arrow

• Set to Fresh KDS Cloud

• Click Save Changes

• Click EDIT in the KDS Integration section

In the Pop Up:

Send Orders to the KDS

  • Select one of the following timings to send orders to Fresh KDS

  • At Prep Time: Orders are sent at pickup/delivery time minus wait time.

  • Immediately: Orders are sent as soon as they are placed.

  • Immediately/Morning Of: Orders are sent immediately, unless they are placed for a day in the future. If so, orders are sent the day they are due at the time the store opens minus the wait time.

  • Prep Time/Morning Of: Orders are sent at pickup/delivery time minus wait time, unless they are placed for a day in the future. If so, orders are sent the day they are due at the time the store opens minus the Prep/Wait Time.

ToGo Integration to Fresh KDS Cloud

Notify when Customer Arrives

Turn on this function if you are using the I’m Here function on the Fresh KDS Take Out View.

Merchant KDS Profile

Select the drop down and choose the name of the KDS Integration that you created on the Merchant Admin page - KDS Profile. (In our example we named it KDS Cloud Integration)

Send Cost Information

Select this only if you want to display the order cost information on the Fresh KDS order. For Take Out Management users, we highly recommend that you turn this setting ON so that you can key this order into your POS system to account for Online Orders.

Fresh KDS Cloud Location

This will display Locations that you have created in your Fresh Tools account

  • Select the corresponding Location you are currently working on in the ToGo Order Cloud

  • Select All Devices or if you have multiple Fresh KDS devices on your Fresh Tools account you can select individual devices if you have multiple but only want ToGo Orders to show on specific devices

Order Types Sent to Fresh KDS

  • Select the Order Type that you want to send to your KDS.

Select Save KDS Integration Settings

Orders will be sent to Fresh KDS now based on the timing settings you chose.

If you intend to use the I’m Here function

On your Fresh KDS tablet Tap the 3 lines in the upper right of the FreshKDS orders screen in settings.

Tap Take Out View and Enable

If only using the Take Out View select Make Take-Out View Default. The Take-Out View screen is the only screen which will display I’m Here

Return to KDS Home

Here’s what will happen when a Customer places an Order

A Customer Places an Online Order in ToGo

The Merchant will be able to see this Order in OrderCloud and FreshKDS.

The Customer will receive an Email Confirmation of their Order & PickUp information.

The Email will also contain the “I’m Here Link”

When the Customer arrives at the store and they tap the I’m Here Link they will see the I’m Here Screen change to We’ll Be Right Out

Here’s what you will see on your Fresh KDS App or Tablet screen

Using the “Take Out Management Screen” for Fresh KDS - this is a behind the counter management screen.

Receiving Orders using “Take Out View”

  • Orders will appear on the KDS Tablet along with the customers order information. If activated, this is when the customer would receive the “Order Received” text message.

  • The Restaurant Employee can mark the order “in progress” by tapping the order and clicking Mark as In Progress in the bottom right.

  • Once the order is ready, the Restaurant Employee can click the Mark as Ready button in the bottom right. If activated, this is when the customer would receive the “Order Ready” text message.

  • Once the order has been picked up by the customer the Restaurant Employee can select Complete and Clear.

  • If at any point the customer clicks the “I’m Here” link in the text message, an indicator will appear and the order will be moved to the top of the queue.

For more help & tips on FreshKDS please visit:

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