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Integrate DoorDashDrive with rpower POS
Integrate DoorDashDrive with rpower POS

Allow your customers to place orders through your own rpower-integrated Order Cloud page and have it delivered by DoorDashDrive

Written by Jim Spadafore
Updated over a week ago

In order to use the integration, the merchant must contact DoorDash and get signed up with them for DoorDash Drive ( A unique External Business Name must be created with DDD to integrate.

Setup in rpower:

A. The Dasher Tip must first be configured in your rpower setup. This should be an open item. Make a note of the PLU that is associated with this item. You will need it later.

B. Synchronize your POS in Order Cloud to import the item.

To Configure DoorDash Drive as a Delivery Order Type:

A. Go to Location Home, Order types and Add a new Order Type.

B. Choose Delivery and then Door Dash as the Delivery Service Provider.

C. The External Business Name is the Restaurant Name you used when you signed up with DoorDash Drive.

D. The POS ID is where you will enter the PLU’s you wrote down in the previous step.

E. Make sure to place the Tip PLU that you created earlier in the corresponding box. This is also where you will indicate what the fees will be.

Note: Delivery Fee and Service Fee are already mapped directly into rpower. There is no need to create a separate item for them.

The Delivery Fee and Service Fee charged are up to the merchant. Per the ToGo contract with DoorDash, the merchant will be charged $7 per delivery. Some merchants break it up and charge both a Delivery Fee and Service Fee, others only charge a Delivery Fee.

Note: Remember to assign the Delivery Order Type in the Menu Settings tab.

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