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BRINK Direct - TOGO Integration Guide
BRINK Direct - TOGO Integration Guide

Step-by-step guide to configure your Brink POS and integration in Order Cloud

Written by Jim Spadafore
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ToGo Integration Guide

Part 1: Add Merchant to ToGo API Account

  1. Merchant emails, copying ToGo support (, with the following request:

We would like to integrate our POS with ToGoTechnologies' online ordering product. Please provision access to our location(s) by providing them the appropriate tokens and server URL. I've copied ToGoTechnologies on this email if you have any questions.

  1. Receive email from Email should contain the server and location token.

  2. Enter parameters in OrderCloud > Manage Stores > Location > Admin tab > POS Integration > Brink

    1. Server = Merchant API URL

    2. Location Token = Location Token

    3. Save POS Integration Settings

Part 2: Configure Menu for Online Ordering

Can be completed before Part 1

  1. Things to know:

  1. After making menu changes in Brink, you’ll need to wait 6 minutes before those changes are available for import/sync into OrderCloud.

  2. When importing your menu into OrderCloud, the following is imported:

    1. Menu Items (not Items) included in the Menu created for online ordering

    2. Modifier Groups attached to the Items (not those attached to the Menu Items)

  1. Create new Modifier Groups (if necessary) for online ordering to assign to each Menu Item (you will create in the next step) and each Item. Note: Keep in-mind these should be customer-friendly—that is, the customer isn’t presented with an overwhelming number of options like you would normally display for servers. You will also need to create modifiers for “no”, “extra”, etc. if you’d like to have those options available, as Brink’s prefix mods (no, sub, extra) are not imported.

  1. Go to: Settings Editor > Modifier Groups > Add

  2. Enter Name

  3. Uncheck “Flow Required”

  4. Uncheck “Allow Substitution Across Modification Groups”

  5. Add Maximum

  6. On the Contains tab, add appropriate options

  7. Click “OK”

  1. Add a new Item called “Comments”

ToGo sends the order header information under this item which includes the pickup or requested delivery time, guest name and phone number, car information for curbside pickup, delivery address for delivery, etc.

  1. Go to: Settings Editor > Items > Add New Item

  2. Name = COMMENT

  3. Take note of the Section ID as you will enter this in Part 4

  4. Click “OK”

  1. Add Items you’d like available for online ordering to Menu Items

  1. Go to: Settings Editor > Menu Items > Add New Menu Item

  2. Add items from the Available section to the Selected section. Be sure to add the “COMMENT” Item you just created, and add it to a Category.

  3. Click “OK”

  1. Edit each Menu Item

  1. Change Modifier Method to “Menu Modifiers”

  2. On the Modifier Groups tab, add Modifier Groups

  3. Click “OK”

Macintosh HD:Users:juliegranillo:Downloads:Brink Menu Items.png

  1. Create new Menu Categories for online ordering (AKA sub-menus, menu sections)

  1. Go to: Settings Editor > Menu Categories > Add

  2. Enter Name

  3. On the Menu Items tab, add Menu Items

  4. Click “OK”

  1. Add a Menu for online ordering

  1. Go to: Settings Editor > Menus > Add

  2. Name it “Online Ordering”

  3. On the Menu Categories tab, add the Menu Sections

  4. Click “OK”

  1. Save and Publish

Part 3: Configure System Settings for Online Ordering

  1. Create a new Section called “Online Ordering”

    1. Go to: Settings Editor > Sections > Add

    2. Enter “Online Ordering” as the Name

    3. You do not need to select any table numbers

    4. Take note of the Section ID as you will enter this in Part 4

    5. Click “OK”

  1. Create a new Destination called “Online Ordering”

  1. Go to: Settings Editor > Destinations > Add

  2. Enter “Online Ordering” as the Name (Online Takeout)

  3. Select “Active”

  4. Take note of the Destination ID as you will enter this in Part 4

  5. Click “OK”

  1. Create a new Tender called “Online Ordering”

  1. Go to: Settings Editor > Tenders > Add

  2. Enter “Online Ordering” as the Name

  3. Tender Type = External

  4. Under Options, check Active, Available for Deposit, and Allow Tips

  5. Take note of the Tender ID as you will enter this in Part 4

  6. Click “OK”

  1. Enter additional Options

Settings Editor > Options > Customer Portal > Refund Policy

  1. Enter ‘**’ as the Refund Policy

Settings Editor > Options > Online Ordering > General

  1. Check “Display Location in Customer Portal”

  2. Menu = Online Ordering

  3. Section = Online Ordering

  4. Time Increment = 5 minutes

  5. Order Prepayment = Required

  6. Be sure check “Allow Order Cancellation”, “Allow Item Notes”, “Allow Tips”

Settings Editor > Options > Future Orders > General

  1. Configure based on the settings in the screenshot below:

Settings Editor > Options > Future Orders > Prep Times

  1. Enter the number of minutes before the pickup or delivery time that you’d like the order to print.

  1. Take note of Taxes

Settings Editor > Taxes

  1. Enter the tax rate in OrderCloud > Manage Stores > select the Location > Demographics

  2. OrderCloud only supports one tax rate

  1. Save and Publish Changeset

Part 4: Configure OrderCloud

Log in to NOTE: If you are unable to log in, please email to confirm your username and password has been set up.

  1. Select the Merchant > Manage Stores > select the Location > Admin tab

    1. Under POS Integration, select “Brink” from the dropdown. A pop-up window will display fields in which you’ll need to insert the following values. If Brink is already selected, click “Edit” next to Other Settings.

      1. Merchant API URL = from Part 1

Or another way of getting this is if the merchant is using Brink server “Admin 8” then enter

  1. Location Token = from Part 1

  2. Destination ID = from Part 3

  3. Section ID = from Part 3

  4. Tender ID = from Part 3

  5. Comment Item ID = from Part 3

  6. Menu ID = To find the ID of any entity in Brink, you will need to download the XML settings and find the corresponding ID in there. To download settings you will need to log into your Brink portal at, then go to Tools > Download Settings from the location drop down.

  7. If this doesn't work out, please reach out to api support ( ) for further assistance with sites on this portal.

  8. Select “Calculate Final Price from the POS” to ensure ToGo charges the correct amount to the guest, encompassing all rounding and tax specifications from Brink.

  9. Percentage Over Estimated Total for PreAuth = For example, 1 to 5 %

ToGo authorizes the guest’s credit card for the estimated amount + whatever % is specified here. ToGo then requests the price from Brink. After ToGo receives the price from Brink, ToGo charges the guest’s credit card based on the price from Brink. If the price from Brink is more than what was authorized, the order is canceled and the customer is notified via email.

  1. Send Orders to the POS immediately

ToGo sends the order to Brink based on this setting. Brink then holds the order and prints it (or sends to the QSR) based on the Prep Time specified in Brink Settings Editor > Options > Future Orders > Prep Time

  1. Save POS Integration Settings

  2. Add new menu in OrderCloud menu module

    1. Click “Add” and name the menu “Main Menu”

    2. Click “Import from Brink POS”

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