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Self-Installation of OMNIVORE
Self-Installation of OMNIVORE

Omnivore has provided resources for self-installation of their software for Micros and Aloha merchants.

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Location POS Integration Process

Now that we have posted our POS Integration Handbooks the focus of scheduled sessions will be more of an educational session about what is needed to complete onboarding a location. While our intention is not to have app partners performing the integrations, but attending scheduled sessions should give you a better understanding to support your customers. For further training you can either join scheduled sessions for the integration with your new customer or we can evaluate the possibility of a group session with your team if a VM can be provided.

There are three main components to the integration:

  1. Creating the location and attaching your application using SSI.

  2. Configuring the POS for use with your application.

  3. Updating the agent configuration.

1. Creating the location and attaching your application using SSI

Once you have validated that the pre-install requirements for an integration have been met (POS hardware, version, license, firewall), you should work with your customer to have them run the SSI link with your invite code. This needs to be done from the back of house server. When your customer performs SSI the agent location is created, firewalls are validated, a basic read-only configuration is generated, and your application is assigned the location. At this point you have access to the location to read the POS data and should have your customer continue with POS configuration as needed for use with you application.

2. Configuring the POS for use with your application

Using the POS Integration Handbook your customer should be able to walk through adding or recording any needed data records for the integration. The handbook summarizes the data fields needed with links to greater detail and screenshots for each step. If your customer needs assistance with creating the needed POS records, they may need to reach out to their POS support.

3. Updating the agent configuration

There is also a form that should be opened and completed alongside of the handbook. The Integration Form will follow step by step with the handbook and is where you or your customer should record the necessary data fields. Once completed for the location simply submit the form. You will get a copy of the form (or whoever’s email address is used) and a case will be created with Olo support to finish the agent configuration remotely. The case created by the form will be merged with the original SSI case and you can follow, update, comment on the case from the Olo Portal.

Offline Location Support Process

Your customers should be reporting offline locations through you as their app partner. We have, and will continue to add, How-To and Troubleshooting Guides. This includes troubleshooting steps for Offline Locations, most situations can be resolved following these steps. If further assistance is needed, please open a case using the Olo Portal and select Break/Fix > API Location Offline. The case will be escalated to the next available technician during normal business hours.

Support Case Creation Process

All support cases should be created using the Olo Portal where possible. This helps to ensure proper routing and escalation of your case based on the case details selected. Cases that are emailed require a manual triage and are by default the lowest priority. You should encourage your customers to first reference the Help Center before reaching out for further support, and then they should contact you. Their support agreement is with you the app partner and not Olo directly. That does not mean we would refuse assistance, but it is to your benefit to be involved with your customers. When your customer submits a case, it is by email and therefore subject to manual triage.

Olo Portal Access Request

If you do not have access to the Olo Portal to submit support cases, please email requesting access. Please include your full name, partner, email address, and position so we may complete the setup. Only those who have a support agreement in place with Olo for the Omnivore API such as application partners or brand developers can be added. Your customers cannot at time be added to the Olo Portal.

Documentation Request Process

If you have suggestions for documentation that would help you or enhancements to existing documentation you can make these requests using the Olo Portal as well. Select Inquiry > Documentation Update/New Request and we will reach out to gather further details.

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