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TOGO Technologies POS Integration Menu Best Practices
TOGO Technologies POS Integration Menu Best Practices

POS Integration Menu setup, pre-work

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Before beginning the process of importing the POS Menu into ToGo Order Cloud it is best to review your POS menu to determine if your current POS menu is structured in a way to easily use in the online ordering system.

What information is pulled from the POS Menu into Order Cloud on the initial import of the menu?

Item Identifier (PLU or Screen,Cell)


Modifier Group(s) β†’ Modifier Options β†’ Modifier Option Price

The above will create a relationship between the POS and ToGo Order Cloud and will be utilized between the two systems to send/receive orders.

Also on the initial import the following will be pulled in but can be edited and do not have to remain the same between both systems.

Category β†’ Section

Item Name β†’ Item Name

Best Practices for readying your POS Menu for Import

Menu Categories/Screens

On the initial import your POS Menu Categories/Screens will be pulled into ToGo Order Cloud along with the menu items assigned to them. These categories and items can be renamed, hidden, renamed, reorganized, etc. without affecting the relationship between the POS and Order Cloud.

Modifier Groups and Modifier Options

Modifier Groups that have been built in the POS that are used across multiple items tend to be the biggest challenge for getting the POS Menus ready to use in Order Cloud. In the following example we are showing what having Modifier Groups that are assigned to multiple items will show on the Customer Ordering Page. On a Modifier Group if a modifier option is hidden on Order Cloud it will be hidden on all the Items that use that Modifier Group. View the example on the following pages.

  • Modifiers that are not used at all for customer facing orders for example, extra plate, do not make, etc can be hidden on Order Cloud, no need to remove these on the POS.

  • You can have modifiers used by multiple items in OrderCloud if the choices are the same.

  • You can choose to not set up modifiers and have the customer enter Special Instructions in place of choosing modifiers.

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