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How do I display daily specials?
How do I display daily specials?

Daily specials, specific days

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Menu items default to being able to order all days of the week. To change to allowing only specific days is under each menu item.

  1. Login to OrderCloud

  2. Select Manage Stores

  3. Select the Location

  4. Select the menu to edit

  5. Select the section and then item to edit

  6. Under the Daily Availability section select the days to not be able to order

  7. Select Save Menu Item

Days that are not able to order will appear in grey, in this example this item is only able to order on Tuesday

The Daily Availability feature uses 'Calendar Days' not 'Menu Days'.

For Example: If you have Monday Beer Specials and your restaurant is open until 2 AM, the Friday Beer specials will cut off at midnight. Also past midnight, the customer would be able to order the Tuesday Special between 12 AM and 2 AM.


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