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Menu Start Dates and End Dates
Menu Start Dates and End Dates

Setting Start and End Dates on menus, holiday menus

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In OrderCloud under the Location, Hours tab each menu is listed. If a menu does not have a start or end date it will be available any time that the menu is checked in the Day/Hours section and if an Order Type is selected.

Start or End Dates are generally used for specific time bound menus, such as Holiday Menus that you want your customers to pre-order and only select a specific date/time to be able to pick up their order.

The Start Date is the first date that a pickup time can be chosen by the customer.

The End Date is the first date a pickup time will NOT be available for a customer to choose.

The Days in Advance is how many days before the Start Date that you would like the menu to be visible.

For example: For a Thanksgiving Menu to be able to order from in advance for Pickup on the two days before Thanksgiving for 2021, you would set the Start Date as Tuesday 11/23/2021 and end date as Thursday 11/25/2021. This would allow customers to select their pickup time to be either Tuesday 11/23 or Wednesday 11/24

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