Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Restart the TIM (ToGo Integration Module) in ToGo
Heartland Gift - Customers Paying with Gift Cards
Retrieving TIM Logs for Troubleshooting
Can I have multiple tax rates based on item?
My phone number is incorrect on my ordering page?
Can I change the color schemes, fonts, background?
Can I change the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?
What is the ADA logo on my page and why is it there?
Can I change customer pickup times to list in increments of 15 instead of 5 minutes?
Orders are integrating to the POS but not printing
Where does the Message of the Day appear?
How do I show closed for specific days like Holidays?
Use I'm Here link for Customer Arrival notification on FreshKDS
How do I set up Pickup,Curbside, Drive Thru or Receipt messages or instructions?
Print Customer Arrival, I'm Here, for ToGo Printer
I don't want my customers to be able to order now for pickup later in the day.
I want to use ASAP ordering
Can I change my printer settings per order Type?
I have items not available to order all day
Our location is in Canada how do I enter the address?
How can I limit how many days in advance my customers can order?
How do I turn off Online Ordering?
Menu Start Dates and End Dates
Do I need to set backup notifications?
Why are my menus showing up that are NOT available during that time?
What is email setup on Order Cloud in Location Home tab?
Why am I not receiving backup notifications, when my orders are not integrating to the POS?
How do I change my URL that the logo and "done" button redirects customers to?
What is the difference between US Mountain Standard Time and Mountain Standard Time?
How do I set up Backup Notifications, when do i receive Backup Notifications?
Can I advertise a promo code on my ordering page?
What do I enter in Unit ID in OrderCloud
How long does it take after I change the instructions for confirmation receipts to appear on confirmations?
How do I change my default tax rate?
How can I see who has made changes to my account?
How can I see who has access to my account?
What internet browser can I use?