If Integration Pending is showing and it is past the Pickup/Delivery Time or you have set to Send to POS Immediately

Open the order by selecting the dropdown arrow on the order. Check the Status message.

The status will give some information. It will show if the customer's credit card was charged.

If the customer's credit card was NOT charged you will have an option to Charge Credit Card

If the customer's credit card was charged there will be a refund button showing.

Status - Failed to Get Price or Failed to Integrate Order

Check the Archive Failure files. On the Pos Driver, go to C:\>Temp>PosiTouch>Achive Failure

Find the order and the error text should give information on the failed order.

Status - Waiting on Price Request or Sent Order to POS

We see this stats when there is not a communication between OrderCloud and the POS.

Check that you have internet connection.

If internet active check the following:

On the POS Driver

In the bottom left of your computer should be a white search bar. Click this bar and type services.msc It should show an icon with 2 gears on it. Click on this. Scroll down until you see TGO. Right click and Restart. If Restart is greyed out click start.

Cancelled Orders

Cancelled orders can occur if the final cost from the POS is greater than the cost calculated on OrderCloud.

This may be due to prices being updated on the POS and a menu sync has not been run on OrderCloud.

If you need additional assistance contact your POS Dealer or send an email to suppport@togotechnologies.com


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