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How to Restart the TIM (ToGo Integration Module) in ToGo
How to Restart the TIM (ToGo Integration Module) in ToGo

restart TIM

Written by Jim Spadafore
Updated over a week ago

Note: If you aren't technical, you might prefer to reach out to your Dealer or ToGo Support for additional assistance with this task.

The TIM can be restarted by pressing the Windows “Start” button on the lower left corner of the Windows Desktop.

Then type services.msc in the search bar and the press Enter.

Then scroll to the TGO Integration service and select it by clicking on it.

Press the Restart Link to the left of the TGO Integration service.

Windows will show a loading bar message that the TIM service is restarting.

Once it has restarted completely, the loading bar disappears. That is how you’ll know that the TIM service has been restarted.

You’re all set now. You can click the X to close out of these windows.


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