QR Codes

QR Codes

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You can create a QR Code (Quick Response code) that your customer can scan and take them directly to your ToGo Technologies website/Menu. This works great for contactless ordering for InHouse Dining using Order at the Table, Walk-Up Windows, Food Trucks and the need for posting a Menu on your Store Door or Window.

To create a QR code, you'll need to have your Online Ordering Page URL available.

Click here for instructions on locating your Ordering Page URL.

There are many QR code generators that can be found by searching on the internet but in this example, we'll be using https://www.qrcode-monkey.com

If you are linking a QR Code to your Menu for Order from the Table, make sure that Order Type is already set up and your Menu is connected to that Order Type. You can also assign specific table numbers to individual QR codes using this format: https://togoorder.com/xxxx#/setTable/x (where “xxxx” is the location ID and “x” is the table number)

  1. If you want to display an image, the image for your QR Code must be a JPEG, PNG or PDF File.

  2. Upload the image to a static server with public access (Google Cloud etc). NOTE: Images stores on a computer or in a Dropbox file WILL NOT work. The image must be hosted publicly.

  3. Enter your URL.

    1. If you aren't using an Image: Enter your ToGo Online Ordering Page URL. You can delete the QRcodeMonkey wording in the YOUR URL box.

    2. If you are using an Image: Obtain the URL of stored image from the server and paste the link in the YOUR URL box. You can delete the defaulted QRcodeMonkey wording in the YOUR URL box.

  4. Optional but not required: You can set specific colors in the "Set Colors" area. You can use RGB Color Picker or you can click on the Color Box and navigate the color options. NOTE: you can also leave the color as the default black background or you can have a gradient option by including the second box in this section.

  5. Optional but not required: You can add your restaurant's Logo i the "Add Logo Image" section.

  6. To generate the code, click on the "Create QR Code" green button on the right. The screen will populate the QR Code with the settings you just created.

    Using the Camera on a Mobile phone, point the phone at the image. It will automatically open the Image or prompt you via your browser to open the file.

    The file you saved will open and you will know that the QR Code is properly linked to the desired URL.

    You can also Download the QR Code in a printable format as well using the blue Download button.


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