There are a few ways to search for Orders. Orders can be seen on the Order tab under the Location. These are listed in chronological order by pickup date/time. If you know the exact date/time you can find using the Orders tab.

If you are unsure of the date/time or you have numerous orders you can also use Reports to find Orders.

  1. Login to OrderCloud

  2. Select Manage Stores

  3. Select the Location

  4. Select the Reports tab

  5. Select the Report Type - Order Report (usually defaults to this report)

  6. Select to show the Date Field in either Time of Order (customer entry) or Pickup/Delivery Time

  7. Set your date range and it will show a list of orders

To Filter your report by specific information such as customer name select the Add Filter

Choose the information you have to filter. In the example below we are filtering using the last name, Smith

Once you enter the filter information select Add Filter. The list will show any orders with the last name Smith. To remove the filter click the X next to the Current Filter.


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