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All about Orders

If I hit Complete Order and shouldn't have, can I reverse it?
Can I remove "Order my Usual"?
Why is Choose Your Pickup Day showing at the top of the menu?
Why am I getting Backup Notifications?
What if I want to have customers pay at the store?
Can I set a minimum age on a menu?
How do I change the message above special instructions?
Items have specific days marked as available but they are showing to the customer.
Can I block a certain customer from placing an order?
What information displays on the Order confirmation receipt.
Will I get backup notifications if I do not integrate into my POS?
How can I search for an Order?
I have multiple locations, how can I see all orders for all locations at one time?
Can I limit my customers to only selecting the next available time or ASAP?
Can I rearrange the display of my orders?
If I cancel a future order will it go to the POS?
Where can I see Future Orders
Steps for processing a Refund
My Ordering Page is down
Can I edit an order?
How do I cancel an Order?
How do I get in touch with my customer?
How do I find the Order Number?
The order didn't make it to my POS, is my customer still charged?
Using I'm Here can the customer let us know where they are parked?
How old of an order can I refund?
How long does a refund take to appear on the Customers account?
In the Orders tab is the time displayed next to the order the time the order was placed or the time it for pickup/delivery?
Can I print an order from the orders screen?
Why don't I see all my orders for the past 30 days?
I need to do a partial refund but I only see a Cancel button
Steps for processing a Partial Refund?
Can I partially refund an Order?
Do I need to press Confirm Order button?
Do I do a refund in my POS?
What does cancelled mean on an order status?
What does integration pending mean?
What is the difference between refund and cancel?
I see a Complete Order button, do I need to press this for each order? What does the Complete Order button do?
If an order fails to integrate and I select Charge Card does the customer get an email?
If an order doesn't print to my POS or fails to integrate, can the order still be charged? Or does it cancel?
Why did my customer's order get cancelled in OrderCloud?