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Sending a Test Order through DoorDash Drive from ToGoOrder
Sending a Test Order through DoorDash Drive from ToGoOrder

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Written by Jim Spadafore
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  • Test orders can be sent through the Merchant’s Ordering Page after DoorDash Drive is set up & configured in Order Cloud.

  • Place a test order following the normal process you would for an in-house test order.

  • Select “Delivery” and enter your Merchant's store address in the Delivery Address field.

  • If you’d like to experience the full DoorDash Process and have the Dasher arrive at your store, then select your Delivery Time for the first available delivery. *NOTE: You will incur a $7 delivery fee from DoorDash Drive for this test order.

  • If you only want to see the Order come through in OrderCloud, then set a Delivery Time for at least 2 hours out in the future. *No delivery fees will be incurred if you immediately cancel the order with DoorDash Drive (see below)

Note: If the merchant has a minimum order amount for delivery you can turn this off for testing under the Delivery Order Type.

Here's what you'll see in OrderCloud for your DoorDash Test Order

  • The Order will likely show as Integration Pending because you set the order for 2 hours in the future and it hasn’t hit your POS yet.

  • At the bottom of the Order under Delivery, you’ll see the Customer’s Delivery Address and the DoorDash Dasher’s Phone Number. The Phone Number will show “NULL” until the Dasher accepts the Order.

  • The PickUp Time/Date in the top left corner is the DASHER PICKUP time. This is when the Delivery Driver will show up at your Restaurant to retrieve the Delivery Order.

  • If you set your Delivery at least 2 hours in the future, after the test order is received follow the steps below to cancel the test order immediately.

  • If you want the Dasher to arrive for the full DoorDash experience, no further action is required.

How to Cancel your DoorDash Drive Test Order

(See below for different scenarios)

  • In OrderCloud, if you see a Cancel Button under the Order, this means that the Order hasn’t integrated with your POS and hasn’t reached a DoorDash Dasher yet. To cancel this Order, simply select the Cancel Button.

  • In OrderCloud, if you see a Refund Button under the Order, this means that the Order successfully integrated with your POS and has been sent to DoorDash.

  • If you don’t want to incur the $7 delivery fee, you will need to call DoorDash Support at (855)-599-7066 and ask them to cancel the Order. You must do this immediately. The DoorDash Order Number can be found in the bottom left corner of your OrderCloud order.

  • Note: All orders canceled through DoorDash Support still need to be refunded in OrderCloud if the credit card was charged.

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