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Can I have multiple tax rates based on item?
Can I have multiple tax rates based on item?

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Written by Jim Spadafore
Updated over a week ago

OrderCloud does support multiple Item Level Taxing.

For example, if Food Sales are taxed at 9% and Alcohol Sales are taxed at 10% you can manually create different Tax Rate levels in OrderCloud and then apply the appropriate Tax Level to an individual item in your Menu.

Multiple Tax rates should be created at the Location Admin Level and they will not carry over from Location to Location. If you don't manually add a tax rate on a Menu Item it will be taxed at your Default Tax Rate. Your default tax rate will reside in your Demographics section on the Location Home tab.

To create multiple tax rate(s):

  1. Login to OrderCloud

  2. Select Manage Stores

  3. Select the Location

  4. Select the Admin tab

  5. In the lower right corner you'll see Item Sales Tax Rates

  6. Select the Add Button

  7. Enter the Sales Tax Rate and give it a Description and click Save. (i.e. 10% Alcohol Tax or 10% Tax Code 2) Make sure that it is Active. Repeat this step as needed.

  8. Now that your tax rate has been set up, go into your Menu by selecting the Location Home Tab and select your Menu in the middle of the screen.

  9. Locate your Menu Item in the Menu or Item Library. Select the item.

  10. In the Menu Item, you can now add the new Tax Rate to the item and select Save when completed.

Note: Multiple tax rates may also need to be set up in your POS settings as well for final calculations at check out purposes.

Note: Different tax rates are calculated on the individual items to which the tax is applied. ToGo Technologies does not, however, record taxes in an item-by-item manner. Reported taxes are the total of all taxes applied to the check.


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