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Retrieving TIM Logs for Troubleshooting
Retrieving TIM Logs for Troubleshooting

TIM Log, ToGo Integration Module, Logs folder, troubleshooting

Written by Jim Spadafore
Updated over a week ago

The ToGo Integration Module (TIM) “logs” folder is located in the TIM installation directory, usually located on the C: drive.

You can get the exact location by right clicking on “TGO Integration” in the Windows “service.msc” app and then select properties.

The location of the installation directory is then listed.

In Windows you can right click on the TIM “logs” folder and select send to > compressed (zipped) folder to make it easier to send via email.

The “log4net.config” and “ToGoTechnologies.Services.PosIntegrations.exe.config” is located in the same installation folder.

Email your compressed Zip file to for troubleshooting.


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