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DoorDash Drive Setup for Non-Integrated Sites (No POS)
DoorDash Drive Setup for Non-Integrated Sites (No POS)

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Written by Jim Spadafore
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If you are using and it is NOT integrated with a POS, please use these instructions to configure DoorDashDrive in OrderCloud.

Make sure you've completed the Getting Started & Register with DoorDash first.

If you have a ToGo Integration with your POS, please click here.

Setting up DoorDash Drive in Order Cloud

Step 1: Log into Order Cloud.

  • Select Mange Store

  • Select the location

  • Under “Order Types” select the “+” sign next to Add.

  • Choose Delivery

Step 2: Under “Delivery Service” select Door Dash

  • Enter the “External Business” or “Restaurant Name” name provided on DoorDash Formstack. If you are a dealer or merchant setting up DoorDash Drive contact ToGo Onboarding for your external business name.

  • Enter an email address under "Delivery Service Error Alert". If an order fails to integrate with the POS, an alert is sent to the email address notifying them that even thought it's not in the POS that the Delivery Service was NOT cancelled.

  • Enter the delivery and/or service fee.

    • Note: DoorDash charges $7 for each order. You can charge what you wish. For example, you may want to discount this fee to your guest. Enter the fee you want to charge the guest. Regardless of what you 'charge', you will be billed $7 per delivery by DoorDash at the end of the month.

  • Next click “Save" after entering other Delivery Criteria.

Step 3: Attach your Menu to the Delivery order type under menu settings.

  • From the Location Home Tab, select your Menu

  • Next select Menu Settings Tab on the Right

  • Then click the Delivery Order Type box on the left.

Step 4: Receiving and refunding DoorDash Drive Orders

  • Orders will come in Order Cloud under the Orders Tab

  • Orders will appear as “Delivery” under the order type

  • Many orders will appear with a “surcharge” . This is the tip the DoorDash driver will receive from the customer for taking the orders.

Follow these steps for placing a Test Order with DoorDashDrive.

Learn more about DoorDashDrive and using ToGo


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